Our Strategy

Hamid Sanat Fard Company, with the mission of producing parts and car assemblies to create satisfaction and maintain customers and also provide the interests of the organization’s stakeholders, has implemented a quality management system according to the IATF 16949: 2016 standard model. ISO 9001: 2015 and customer requirements of SQR, ISSR, QIP organization as well as logistics requirements with the belief and adherence to principles such as anti-bribery policy, appropriate behavioral principles in the business environment with colleagues, ethical policy of disclosure and acquisition and sharing of acquired knowledge and organizational experience, foundation and has provided a suitable platform for its continuous improvement and effectiveness, to ensure the achievement of the following goals:

• Improving the quality level of manufactured products.

• Improving product safety.

• Improving the safety of personnel, visitors and consumers of the organization’s products and services.

• Promotion and improvement of the on-time delivery of manufactured products to customers.

• Increasing the ability of engineering changes to increase the quality and reduce the price of products.

• Market development and penetration in new markets, taking into account the current and future needs of customers.

• Increasing the scientific and practical competence of employees and developing a quality culture in the organization.

• Increasing customer satisfaction.

• Increasing employee motivation.

• Increase in product sales.

• Increase productivity efficiency.

• Increasing production efficiency by implementing modern equipment and planning methods.

• Continuous improvement of all processes.

• Targeting to reduce waste until reaching zero waste.

• Development of financial resource management in the supply chain.

• Respecting the rights of stakeholders including customers, shareholders, suppliers and employees and improving interaction with them.

• Promoting thinking based on risk reduction in the organization and continuous monitoring of internal and external factors affecting the achievement of the organization’s macro goals and continuous improvement.
• Effective use of appropriate hardware and software capabilities and their optimization and updating.

• Promoting safety culture and compliance with environmental standards and commitment to prevent environmental pollution and accidents caused by work, through identifying and controlling all environmental, safety and health risks in order to protect human and natural resources.

• Improving occupational health and safety conditions of systems, processes, activities, equipment and human resources in order to commit to the prevention of occupational injuries and diseases in the organization.

• Firm belief in the process of dealing with customer complaints in order to gain their trust and loyalty.

Compassionate, committed and trained employees, who are considered the most valuable assets of the company, support us in achieving the goals of the organization.

We respect the thoughts and ideas of the employees and by creating and developing the team spirit in our organization, we provide the ground for the participation of the employees in decision making.

This policy is transferred to colleagues at all levels of the company through the necessary training and is reviewed annually and revised, if necessary, in order to ensure its continuity with the organizational goals and coordination with the goals of the organization.