Design and Engineering

Today, reducing air pollution is the main challenge for the automotive industry in all countries, and our country is also facing this problem in major cities.

Top car manufacturers around the world have adopted creative and numerous solutions to reduce vehicle pollution. One of these solutions is reducing the weight of the vehicle. Approximately, reducing every 100 kilograms of the vehicle’s weight will result in about 0.1 liter reduction in fuel consumption per hundred kilometers.

Hamid Sanat Fard Company has presented a comprehensive solution to achieve these goals using polymer materials, new designs, and engineering software. It is possible to replace metal parts of the car with polymer parts, thus reducing the weight of the components and, consequently, the weight of the vehicle and fuel consumption.

Various replacement projects and redesigns of parts by this company in recent years have led to its selection as the top design and engineering company by SAIPA automotive group over several different years. It has also received numerous certificates of appreciation.

Software in Use

Sample Design and Simulation of Parts