Introducing the Company

Hamid Sanat Fard Company was registered under No. 112709 in Tehran in the year 1995 with the aim of manufacturing industrial, agricultural and automobile parts and moulds and was transferred to Deeds and Real Estates Registration Dept., Companies Registration Office of Robat Karim Country, under registration number 742 in the year 2007. Hamid Sanat Fard Company is currently manufacturing all kinds of automobile parts, assemblies and as well as designing new parts.The company’s manufactured parts are directly delivered to the automotive company’s production line. Hamid Sanat Fard Company has obtained Grade A from Sazeh Gostar Saipa Company and Grade B from SAPCO Company. The company also has a cooperation agreement with Peugeot and Citr Citroen oen Companies.In 2017, the company took action for investigating in the market for development of product and joining in the market of other plastic products. After considering various products and technologies used in this industry, it took action for opening its new factory in Parand Industrial Estate. The new complex has been equipped with advanced European machinery in specialized form for manufacturing required parts in the packaging industry.Production lines of the new factory have been fully bought from Negri Bossi Company of Italy with transfer of technology and have been put into operation which has the ability to produce 20 liter plastic buckets with I.M.L technology.Designing products of this company have been carried out by European companies and have been registered exclusively under No. ID-25174 in the State Organization for Registration of Deeds and Real Estates.

Hamid Sanat Fard Company, having approximately 25 years records and experience in automotive industry in Iran, manufactures precise and complicated parts in specialized form.
The main expertise of this company is manufacturing all types of fuel supply system parts of automotive.
Based on its engineering team, the company is also able to design and replace the metal parts of automotive into plastic parts with different technologies. This changing has many advantages, including the following.

  1. Decreasing weight of parts as a result of which consumption of fuel of automotive is decreased and pollution of them is lowered.
  2. Decreasing cost of finished parts.
  3. Reducing noises due to vibration.
  4. Uniform products of parts and their higher quality.
  5. Resistance to corrosion and rust.